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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  February 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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substantial storm off the coast. north andhe areas where anashington advisory for some snow and , midnight until 10:00 a.m. the bigger story, temperatures on the warm side. that is why we will see rain. a tremendous amount of snow will fall. morning, a little and then late afternoon, on the storm, coldere temperatures and snow showers right back overhead. up in a couple of minutes. >> amtrak has announced changes service between new york and boston. and airlines are taking action. jennifer donelan is live tonight. people aret a lot of changing their plans after hearing about the storm. >> they are changing their plans. just checked the board, we are
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seeing a ton of red right now. several are late but so far everything is on time. these flights are packed. you know the drill. only these scenes are pulling out to our north, like connecticut and massachusetts. if you live in the path of the to get back is under way. her flight to boston was canceled due to a mechanical error. >> it normally would not be a of the but because storm, everybody that was flying is now flying today. she then had to go to boston were cancelled. >> children take precedent so i am out of here. >> i was going to leave later tonight. to get ahead of it.
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>> is a frustrated being here and trying to get there? >> a little bit. i'm going back for my baby shower. to yorks headed north and boston were packed. it was supposed to be really bad. >> some canceled altogether. >> a bunch of people canceled because they would not be able to get back. >> he is going back to connecticut. as the hours progressed, all be off.l us, urging people to please call ahead before you go to the airport. jennifer donelan, abc7 news. >> we remind you that you can stay up-to-date any time with our weather application. details on our website,
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>> a business owner is beingring tonight after burned, his shop was destroyed by an explosive device. tonight he is talking about what story you will 7.y see on jeff, how is he doing? >> he is at home recovering. he is in good spirits everything that has happened. he admits he will give his a hard time but serious and certainly nothing that could lead to this type of destruction. with third andd burns, taking step at a time. in pain, yes. angry, no. >> i get disgusted. what i do is try to maintain and
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try not to think the worse. supplies unloading car wednesday morning he saw and felt the explosion. >> before i could turn around, saw was a tail of fire blazing. then moments he was in the parking lot. fire was everywhere. he was taken to the burn unit at hehington hospital where until earlier today. several months ago, the sub shop by vandals. he does not know who was that incident or this one. >> i could not anybody would be at me.gry if i made a mistake, but tell do whatever you want to do. let them handle it. >> police have no suspects in have made no arrests but they say this is a
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very active investigation and to to persons of interest that could lead them to solving this crime. lawrence says he is going to take his recovery slowly and rebuild right here. >> tonight police are searching of aacility for the body two year-old girl. believed to have been killed by her mother. chelsea booth is in custody. reported they had not daughter in several days. say during questioning, booth admitted she had killed her child. police believe the mother cassidy and threw her a dumpster at the complex. police believe the dumpster was transported to the facility. >> a woman says she is guilty of firearms lawsral more than 30 handguns. authorities say kimberly bought
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at three shows. she pleaded guilty today to dealing firearms without a resold allause she of them for profit. a person is not required to dealer for a occasional sales but there is a lot that the person must register if they devote energy tot time and firearms with the goal of making a profit. faces five years in prison. >> the national transportation board confirms a battery did on thelectrical fires boeing 787 dreamliner. investigators say the lithium batteries used on the the resulting fires are hard to extinguish and the spread quickly. >> this investigation has demonstrated a short circuit in single cell can propagate to cells and result in
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fire.and >> the methods used to inspect the battery need to be reviewed. all 50 of the reminders will grounded until the fixed and the plane is safe to fly. today's hearing for the cia expected toinee was be spirited. why things got heated even asked theirkers questions. >> leon panetta on what american forces from lives.more >> who has stepped in to help students.n
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>> leon panetta says the speed the attack on the consulate u.s. forces from to saveng in time lives. told a panel today there were signs of an imminent attack last september. chris stevens and three other americans were killed. not as the raid was assault but too short a tax six hours apart. >> the confirmation hearing for nominee didama's in not start off as planned. protesters interrupted so many times the chairman stop the hearings of the room could be cleared. joins us.oper
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brennan did not even get his opening remarks. >> that the nomination has been surrounded by controversy. the chairman even complimented him for his forthcoming nature by he is surrounded about how the obama itsnistration is conducting war on terror. pakistan, a sum dalia -- >> please remove that woman. >> before the committee could get under way -- >> you are killing children. >> protesters interrupted the proceedings. >> the next time we are going to the chamber. >> dianne feinstein kicked out all observers. >> we have done this five times now. five times are enough. >> nc nominated the official to cia, there has been controversy surrounding techniques in the war on terror. members are furious they have
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been kept in the dark about drone strikes. >> why did they feel we were being trusted? brennan says he will protect secrecy and transparency. inif they were involved would make sure this committee had that information. >> that is a good start. says if he had been at the time, torture used in theve been stand to to his belief. >> i have a reputation for mind and doing so in a direct manner, which some attribute to my new jersey roots. >> the president authorized the department to show classifiedcongress memos. say they are not getting the information were promised. the committee will hold a session on this nomination and brennan willohn further grilling. cooper, abc 7 news.
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>> afghan students want to of theirthe music homeland. out maryland students are that.g them to do >> and an update on the nor'easter and where it is headed. >> of the wizards are going -- for the caps to walk the walk.
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army researchers have discovered an antibiotic cream effective by soldiers being bitten by sand flies. have affected more than members of the u.s. since 2003. it has a high rate and very few side effects. fda has yet to review the cream and additional research is in the works in latin america. news of a different type in afghanistan. ♪ these children were living on the streets of their country
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broughty were afghanistan's music institute instrumentso the band by the taliban. many of their teachers are american music instructors that to help them. earlier they practiced at the music center with the youth orchestra and they have their american debut happening right now, tonight, at the kennedy center. we wish them the best. justbig storm is coming, not for us. england, upstate new jersey york city are going to get hit hard. let's get into it. we will start with a time lapse of the cloud cover. this kind of a -- just kind of a damp day. the high so far has been 38.
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41 and 42 the high and low. technically, we are below average for the day. record high set five years at 64 degrees. by monday we might be in the 50's. some changes coming. skies and cool temperatures. the north. 40 south and east of the metro region. the 30' into as the storm elements come together, some light rain and be a brief makes. expect any significant impact. the concern is farther to the north and west were temperatures will be colder. forcold air is in place storm, but -- blizzard conditions will be widespread. the ground floor of this thing, just as it gets going. winter weather advisory, all of area in pink is a winter warning and then the red from a blizzard warning to therdia all the way
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coast. 2 feet of snow. some close to three skeet. ingredients coming together. coming together for area. everything is coming in the wrong position. much as you might want to snow, it is not going to happen for us. couple of years ago we had snow-mageddon. this time it will be relatively minor. you can see futurecast brings the elements together, but it is to be tomorrow afternoon tomorrow night when this tong really cranks up produce an incredible amount of snow and wind. we will get the \ tomorrow afternoon. cold temperatures and maybe some snow showers and windy day on saturday. maybe a 10th of an inch. but that will be in the evening. the next seven days, after the
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by, called on saturday. sunday.up on a chance of showers by monday. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> nothing but trouble for the caps. starting lineup. the struggling capps play the penguins tonight. ask if there is life in the rivalry? they are battling boston for the top spot. washington is last. that should answer the question. pittsburgh beat them here in d.c. capitals took the they beat them up. secret the capitals are struggling. they are frustrating. they lack confidence right now. -- sooner or later it is
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going to come. hockey to basketball. wizards are playing better right now. games sincen nine january 1. all of a sudden a light went on. planning as a team. bradley is expected back tomorrow night. last night they won. 3's.hit 11 he had five 3 balls. can this afternoon he talked about their improvement. >> every game counts. to theme is a step playoffs. that is our goal. take onetand it will game at a time. that is our mentality. it is a matter of surviving. terrapins are coming off their best performance of the with the win over blake for but tonight they are on the road. the nation's scoring leader, it
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must-winbut it is a the terrapins if they hope to go. play of the day comes from oklahoma state. look out. ok state with the block. the other way. time running out. what a finish. 69-67. the party has ended in baltimore and the players were cleaning out their lockers today. john harbaugh is now going to on next year. >> i believe and the defending champ thing. it is not boxing. give the weight belt. we are the champions. -- give you a belt. we are the champions. next year depends on who plays the best. who comes out on top. we will fight for the championship, just like we fought for the last one. >> a very confident on harbaugh.
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a follow-up story to yesterday. alex collins announced he was going to arkansas. she says she did not want him to go there. today he was with his dad and new contract and his law a sad story. >> ok. >> a final
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>> could politicians collecting the taxpayers at expense. that is right. you are having to pay for the some notorious politicians. abc7 investigates the so-called poll tonight at 11. >> and we have a decent weekend to look forward to. not our friends to the north. >> let's get you started at midnight. a little ice and snow and freezing rain. here is the big storm off the coast. produce a blizzard conditions across new england. freezing rain for us. more tonight at 11 o'clock. we will get you in shape to see what is happening. >> the storm is going to be working heavy.
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